Definition of granodiorite in English:



mass nounGeology
  • A coarse-grained plutonic rock containing quartz and plagioclase, between granite and diorite in composition.

    • ‘The contact is vertical, with granodiorite the dominant rock below a depth of about 100 feet.’
    • ‘These stone balls are formed when the material - granodiorite, a metamorphic rock - melts in magma and is of different density than the surrounding fluid.’
    • ‘Granite and granodiorite are examples of silica-rich plutonic rocks.’
    • ‘They were composed of solid granodiorite; a very hard igneous rock.’
    • ‘It grades inwards over tens to hundreds of metres into a coarser-grained porphyritic granodiorite.’


Late 19th century: from granite + diorite.