Definition of glam in English:



  • 1Glamorous.

    ‘a dapper magician and his glam assistant’
    • ‘Though people claim they can see through it all, they are still attracted by the glam quotient.’
    • ‘Actually, the documentary celebrates the glam lifestyle while subtly poking fun at it, suggesting that, beneath the sequins and spotlights, they're just like us.’
    • ‘These glam dolls are the centre of attraction for all the things that are not cricket.’
    • ‘You have this glam Hollywood lifestyle and, well I don't.’
    • ‘Overall, the night was infused with a special energy that came from the fresh faces in the sell-out crowd of 430 as well as from the glam factor.’
    • ‘The after show party was held in Vicar Street (not exactly glam central, but the place was looking wonderful), and all the stars were there.’
    • ‘I'm a deeply romantic person and this show is magical for us, very glam, lots of costume changes and choreography.’
    • ‘But it was her bizarre eye-popping face, Baby-Jane make-up, over-coiffered hair and glam outfits that made her the kitsch legend that she is today.’
    • ‘The Gallery - WOW! a must… glam decor, very relaxed yet classy environment, excellent food.’
    • ‘Off to the Opera where people still dress to attend - many glam outfits were brought out of mothballs even in the Upper Audatorium where I managed to get cheap seats.’
    • ‘As a result, I'm rapidly coming to believe that the last month has all been a dream, and rather than being away on glam holidays and at fabulous parties, I've actually been asleep and imagining the entire thing.’
    • ‘While all of these glam celebs have a team of stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists to help them look golden, it is possible to achieve the same brilliant styles by following their lead.’
    • ‘Whether you aspire to be a glam movie star or award-winning filmmaker, this software puts you in the director's chair.’
    • ‘Of course, if you're a true bag addict, this season alone you'll need the pastel bag, the metallic bag, the brightly coloured bag, the print bag, the sporty bag, the glam bag, the list goes on.’
    • ‘As we left there was some not so glam woman who was being told, entrance is ‘impossible!’, in no uncertain terms.’
    alluring, beautiful, attractive, elegant, chic, smart, well dressed, stylish, fashionable
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    1. 1.1 Relating to or denoting glam rock.
      ‘some awful glam number from the mid seventies’
      • ‘However, it is believed the glam rockers will attract large numbers of former British residents who now work and live in the Arab state.’
      • ‘You don't want to know because you don't want to find out they belong to the here and now, not when they sound so mystical, like the original glam era without the white platform boots.’
      • ‘Then the band made the unfortunate decision to record a glam metal album, which did an enormous amount of damage to their career.’
      • ‘We have a voracious appetite for glam metal in this town.’


mass nouninformal
  • 1Glamour.

    ‘Nigel, for all his glam, was Karen's sort’
    • ‘Glitz and glam are also well catered for with a gorgeous range of party dresses, perfect for cocktails by the pool.’
    • ‘It would really give the show that dash of glam that it's lacking, especially given the charisma-bereft cast of this season.’
    • ‘Some digital effects are used magnificently, when filmmakers don't forget their movies had better have some soul as well as all that visual glitter and glam.’
    • ‘Girls have become hip and glam flaunting their bodies and attitude as well.’
    • ‘Or is this meant to demonstrate that you can be both casual and glam?’
    • ‘Well, it's been three years since she left the glitz and glam of Hollywood for a life of a full-time mom.’
    • ‘Don your boas, tail feathers and most decadent style as the electro-rock duo thrill with a night of glam.’
    • ‘I love the whole idea of the actresses, and the glam of the actresses.’
    • ‘Members of the public will also get their chance to grab a bit of glam.’
    • ‘It is not all glitz and glam like people perceive.’
    • ‘Think totally seductive dresses, and you have the last word in after-dark glam.’
    • ‘Never mind her slight concern that while all else was glam, the eyebrows might have been a bit heavy for her taste.’
    • ‘It sounds like she's plugged into all the glitz and glam of the fashion industry, but Walt is quick to point out her less-than-ornate lifestyle.’
    • ‘I was always far more interested in looking glam for going out, so that meant dresses, high heels and fabby make-up.’
    • ‘For extra holiday glam, add twinkle to your make-up.’
    • ‘Rooms will range from budget to what she calls budget glam.’
    • ‘They had decided against stage costumes but they were all tricked out in vintage glam.’
    • ‘Just three years old, this black-tie rivals its senior benefit galas for glam, grace and style.’
    allure, attraction, attractiveness, fascination, charm, enchantment, captivation, magic, romance, mystique, exoticism, spell
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    1. 1.1 Glam rock.
      ‘punk, glam, and psychedelia’
      • ‘And the thing I liked about glam was the layeredness of the drums, it was such a thick sound, almost choral.’
      • ‘For the guy looking for glam, Britpop, indie, and so on, this is the place to come.’
      • ‘Starting off as a '60s-style garage band, they later became kings of fuzzed-out punk before delving into glam for their last record.’
      • ‘The record combines raw garage punk, glam and a bit of the blues to create a stunning album.’
      • ‘And it's a sweet, freely eclectic batch of classic punk, Cajun country, glam, rockabilly, and retro pop.’
      • ‘Expect some electro, Brit, punk, and glam and perhaps even some outfits dripping with the irony of the un-remembered '80s. Cover is only $5 at the door so rock on!’
      • ‘Yet this slice of pop heaven was on the shelves by autumn 1971, making it officially the first glam album in the world.’
      • ‘Goth is the new glam; it's our generation's adopted grunge.’
      • ‘They have been conquering power pop for over a decade now with an incalculable and possibly illicit debt to every great glam, punk, and hard rock band of the 1970s.’
      • ‘They were suffering through the dreaded opening-act curse, but eventually redeemed themselves with their mascara-running blend of glam, garage and punk.’
      • ‘I think glam can include anything from new wave to punk.’
      • ‘As I maintained a while back, punk was part of the glam continuum; the ‘break’ between glam and punk looks chimerical.’


glam up" or "glam someone up
  • Make oneself or someone else look glamorous.

    with object ‘the girls get glammed up for a night on the town’
    • ‘Going to get glammed up later and try a few of them out.’
    • ‘I couldn't decide before whether or not I thought she was actually pretty or just pretty because she was all glammed up.’
    • ‘She also gets glammed up to go to a ball and see what kind of talent is on offer.’
    • ‘Yesterday I got glammed up in my finest work attire and went to a business meeting in London.’
    • ‘I think my own hair (blonde, far left picture) is very nearly at a point whereby I could use it rather than a wig for when I'm getting glammed up.’
    • ‘I snuck off to freshen up and down a much needed espresso before getting glammed up in the tiny backstage room.’
    • ‘I can spend 2 hours getting glammed up to go somewhere but I look messy 10 minutes later.’
    • ‘I mean, if you're gonna be a front person you need to get glammed up a bit.’
    • ‘While it is understandable that a lot of people don't have the time or resources to spend on glamming up, occasionally it's fun to make a bit of an effort.’
    • ‘Although Ann lives from day to day in trousers, she loves to get glammed up whenever there is a special occasion.’
    • ‘They're friendly, but they're also far better at glamming up than your usual crowd.’
    • ‘Later, instead of taking the time to get glammed up before the do, I snuck out for my only swim of the whole trip.’
    • ‘Get glammed up and pretend you're living twenty years ago, and win some good stuff.’
    • ‘Men getting glammed up and lip-synching to bad pop music just has an almost irresistible ironic appeal.’
    • ‘Yet each step reminds her of the previous Saturday night when, all glammed up, she had fallen around drink, white-faced and throwing up.’
    • ‘The solution is to carefully select a capsule collection of beachwear which can be worn all day and then glammed up a little on an evening if you're hitting the tiles.’
    • ‘Everyone else was glammed up with big hats and top hats and tails.’
    • ‘Left to his own devices, he glams up, dons his sister's gold platform boots and realises that he was born to boogie.’


1930s: abbreviation.