Definition of Ghost Dance in English:

Ghost Dance


  • A North American Indian religious cult of the second half of the 19th century, based on the performance of a ritual dance, which, it was believed, would drive away white people and restore the traditional lands and way of life.

    • ‘There is a vast library of historical and cultural works about the Lakotas, many of which focus on the Ghost Dance and Wounded Knee.’
    • ‘The final major encounter between Indians and the U.S. Army, Wounded Knee grew out of the revitalization movement known as the Ghost Dance that swept western Indian reservations in 1889-90.’
    • ‘The story begins with accounts of the Ghost Dance, a religion that arose in 1888 from the visions of a Nevada Paiute named Wovoka.’
    • ‘The United States Government recognised this in the last century when it prohibited the Ghost Dance.’
    • ‘For example, my late 1990s poem ‘Ghost Dance’ literalizes through fantasy the late 1800s Native American belief that the Ghost Dance would restore America to its precolumbian state.’