Definition of Geissler tube in English:

Geissler tube


  • A sealed tube of glass or quartz with a central constriction, filled with vapour for the production of a luminous electrical discharge.

    • ‘A pair of Geissler tubes is connected to the arms of this rotator.’
    • ‘These were the fore-runners of the Geissler tubes used in science demonstrations.’
    • ‘The set of Geissler tubes at the left shows some of the fanciful shapes in which Geissler tubes were made.’
    • ‘Just as early Geissler tubes had used such odd images such as a vase or flowers, the first neon signs used images with a sense of playfulness.’
    • ‘The other Geissler tubes have lost their vacuum and were filled with colored water for show purposes.’


Mid 19th century: named after Heinrich Geissler (1814–79), the German mechanic and glass-blower who invented it.


Geissler tube