Definition of Fuggle in English:



  • Hops of a variety used in beer-making.

    ‘he gets his Fuggles from a leading grower’
    ‘such disparate varieties as a Fuggle and a Golding’
    [as modifier] ‘Fuggles hops’
    • ‘Used alone or in conjunction with Fuggles it should produce an especially fine glass of ale.’
    • ‘After an additional 45 minutes add remaining Fuggles hops for flavor, add the copper chilling coil to sterilize it and continue to boil.’
    • ‘Add the Fuggles aroma hops with 2 minutes remaining.’
    • ‘Wild Goose Pumpkin Patch Ale is slow-brewed with 9 special malts, 100% British Fuggle hops, nearly 300 pounds of pumpkin, and a secret blend of spices.’
    • ‘Brewed with whole-leaf Cascade and Fuggles hops, the grains include pale, wheat, roasted and oatmeal.’
    • ‘The seed originated from a plant obtained by crossing Fuggle with the male Russian Serebrianka.’
    • ‘It can, however, be used to great effect in English style ales where it displays some Fuggles notes.’
    • ‘I then turned off the heat and threw in the last of the Fuggles hops, letting steep for about 10 minutes.’
    • ‘An American cross of Fuggle and a Russian hop, Cascade is a very popular aroma hop with a distinct character.’
    • ‘It reached its peak in the U.K. in 1949 when 78% of the English crops were grown as Fuggle.’
    • ‘This best bitter has the two main English hops, Goldings and Fuggles, and they have tweaked the acidity of the water to match the hardness of Buxton's spring water (near Nottingham).’
    • ‘English barley malts and a combination of English Fuggles and New Zealand-grown Saaz hops give this pale ale a great malt base and a beautiful citrus fruit and honey character on the nose.’
    • ‘The resulting brew is a dark, imperial-style stout with high gravity, a rich and hearty dark chocolate taste and a coffee finish and made with a small amount of Kent Golding and Fuggle hops.’
    • ‘The Fuggle was propagated in Kent by Mr. Richard Fuggle of Brenchley in 1875, the plant having first been noticed in about 1861, growing at Horsmonden.’
    • ‘The rooms are aptly named after old varieties of hops, Fuggle and Bramling.’


Late 19th century: of unknown origin.