Definition of French seam in English:

French seam


  • A seam with the raw edges enclosed.

    • ‘Because I did French seams on the side seams, all my fabric was folded one way and I now wanted to fold each seam allowance differently.’
    • ‘I have developed a modified version of a French seam that results in a very durable seam and is also very aesthetically pleasing.’
    • ‘My current favorites are the French seam, the flat-felled seam, and the aforementioned serging.’
    • ‘I could complete a neat French seam.’
    • ‘Use a French seam to sew the sheer side panels to either side of the center panel.’
    • ‘Discover precision sewing techniques for a range of seam finishes, including overcasting, French seams, mock French seams, flat fell seams, bias bound seams, underlined wrap seams and more.’
    • ‘Finish the seams by creating a French seam.’
    • ‘We favour raw edges contrasting with perfectly finished French seams.’
    • ‘I also had decided this time that I would finish the seams as French seams and not use the flat fell.’
    • ‘Sew the bodice front to the backs at the shoulders, using a French seam as shown below.’
    • ‘The use of French seams insures that all seams are beautifully finished with no visible raw edges, and all seams are double stitched, which adds strength and durability.’
    • ‘If I do a French seam, do I sew the front and back together first.’
    • ‘When you've finished that, you've got a French seam, which is sturdy enough in itself, but I find the resulting band of fabric irritating.’
    • ‘One of my apprentices has never really gotten the hang of French seams but really likes flat-felled seams.’
    • ‘A few seam finishes such as the French seam, the flat-fell seam, and purchased seam finishes are useful for sheers and reversible garments.’
    • ‘I favor French seams but if you have a serger, then a rolled edge finish will create a very fine seam.’
    • ‘Fold the middle panels in so that the bottom panel can be glued to the top panel making a French seam as you did in step 4.’
    • ‘They also learn how to do the French seams, without having to have too much wine.’
    • ‘A French seam is made when two pieces of fabric are sewn with the wrong sides together.’
    • ‘I decided I was going to use French seams for the seam finish, it gives a nice look and contains the fraying.’