Definition of French bean in English:

French bean


  • 1A tropical American bean plant of which many varieties are commercially cultivated.

    Phaseolus vulgaris, family Leguminosae: many varieties, including the haricot bean and the kidney bean

    • ‘He said, 'Big business demands small farmers in places like Kenya grow crops like French beans, which aren't normally eaten there.'’
    • ‘Add the French beans and fry everything together.’
    • ‘He took huge delight in his peaches and limes, French beans and peas.’
    • ‘Then I ran out of potting compost, so the other half of the dwarf French beans are cooling their heels in the cold frame and having their first experience of a hot and windy day (and not liking it much, I should imagine).’
    • ‘Carry on sowings of quick-maturing crops such as lettuce, radish and French beans.’
    • ‘I have found that climbing and dwarf French beans do not like germinating in some of the soil-less composts.’
    • ‘In addition to French beans and runner beans, Turner grows a number of Heritage varieties, ideal in an organic garden as they are more resistant to pests than modern beans.’
    • ‘In the south of England, you can sow them from early April under cover - leave it longer in the north - but the beauty of French beans is that if you don't get round to sowing them then, it's not too late.’
    • ‘One of these is supplying one of Kenya's leading produce exporters with French beans - grown using far less than the recommended quantities of fertilizer and pesticides.’
    • ‘That goes for his broad beans, his French beans, his runner beans, his leeks and his lettuces.’
    • ‘My plan for this year's vegetable plot is therefore rather limited, involving lots of legumes - broad beans, runner beans, French beans and climbing French beans.’
    • ‘Sow maincrop carrots, French beans, lettuces and peas in the vegetable plot.’
    • ‘Try growing climbing French beans, which are less fussy in hot conditions.’
    1. 1.1 The seed of the French bean plant used as food.
      • ‘I went out in the garden after work today to pick some French beans for dinner - and got 30!’
      • ‘All main courses are served with vegetables, which included French beans and carrots, all expertly handled.’
      • ‘This great recipes combines butternut squash and French beans in special herbs - great with roasted or barbecued meats and poultry.’
      • ‘Jack beans are especially popular in India, where the young pods, which have a flavour like French beans, are eaten.’
      • ‘Among dehydrated vegetables, beans, onion and garlic are important and among frozen vegetables prospects for peas, cauliflower, French beans, baby carrot and okra are bright.’
      • ‘It consists of noodles or rice with finely diced French beans, cooked with generous slatherings of soya sauce.’
      • ‘Unfortunately the same could not be said of Jayne's dish - vegetable pancake, filled with spinach, leeks and cream cheese and served with new potatoes, French beans and salad.’
      • ‘This tasty side dish features French beans in a creamy sauce with toasted chestnuts - great as a meatless meal with a salad and soft rolls.’
      • ‘Melt the butter in a large frying pan, pour in the French beans and cook for about 5 minutes.’
      • ‘Today I've picked 6 French beans and a 1 1/2 pounds of tomatoes.’
      • ‘Boil equal quantities of French beans and fresh young haricot beans in salt and water.’
      • ‘I have spent a busy summer making jam, cutting up runner beans and French beans for the freezer.’


French bean