Definition of Fraktur in English:



mass noun
  • A German style of black-letter type.

    • ‘Earlier versions of the Volapük language added vowels from Fraktur to the Roman ones.’
    • ‘He uses his virtuoso calligraphic skills to create works that call up everything from illuminated manuscripts to German Fraktur wedding certificates.’
    • ‘Typical features: Fraktur has more sophisticated forms than the Schwabacher.’
    • ‘The creation of Fraktur played a significant role in the educational process.’
    • ‘They have mostly been written in the Fraktur font type, which is very uncommon today, even in Germany.’
    • ‘In Germany, the old German cursive script developed in the 16th century is also sometimes called Fraktur.’
    • ‘But when he read a German book printed in old but easily decipherable Fraktur type (as in Haeckel's 1868 edition), he wrote his annotations in the corresponding and now extinct Sutterlin script (which I cannot read at all).’
    • ‘He used his usual Caslon Antiqua, which must have seemed as odd to the German readers of the day as English printed in Fraktur type would seem to us.’


Late 19th century: German, from Latin fractura ‘fracture’ (because of its angularity).