Definition of FPS in English:


  • Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.


  • ‘want to play an FPS?’
    • ‘Converting an FPS to the touchscreen is never easy.’
    • ‘I can't play any modern FPS for more than 2 hours a session.’
    • ‘Ultimately researchers concluded that playing FPS games a lot has no effect on motion perception.’
    • ‘In a novel move for an FPS, Destiny is a game that puts an emphasis on co-operation.’
    • ‘Good luck playing an FPS effectively without a controller or mouse/keyboard combo.’

Definition of fps in English:


(also f.p.s.)

  • 1Feet per second.

    ‘it fires a paintball at a speed of 440 fps’
  • 2Foot-pound-second.

  • 3Frames per second.

    ‘full-motion video at 30 fps’