Definition of Devi in English:


proper noun

  • 1The supreme goddess, often identified with Parvati and Sakti.

    1. 1.1Indian (in general use) a goddess.
      • ‘It resembled a cave and there was a six-foot idol of Lord Ganesh with nine devis.’
      • ‘The essence of a woman in all its intensity, variety and even banality is sought to be captured through the portrayal of devis and yoginis in the 70-odd paintings.’
      • ‘Or elsewhere: ‘All the 33 crore devi devtas are nothing but the rays of one Paramatma (the Supreme Being)’.’
      • ‘The gurudwaras, or Sikh temples, have always been decorated with pictures of Hindu devas and devis.’
      • ‘During this period the Mahari used to step into the Kalahata Dwara as a devi or a divine being and used to perform only for the Lord near his Ratna Simhasana.’
      • ‘She is grandmother of vali devi, 10, and radha, 8.’
      • ‘In the film ‘Devi’ the song ‘Kali ma you are dark, but your heart is not dark’ is the most innocent and direct form of expression that connects mankind to a god as the procession of devotees progresses towards their devi.’
    2. 1.2Indian Used after the first name of a Hindu woman as a form of respect.
      ‘Deval Devi’
      • ‘Ragini Devi, an American woman from Minneapolis, was convinced she had been a Hindu in a previous life and was reincarnated to devote her life to Indian dance.’
      • ‘Manipur swept the team trophies and the women's individual crown, through L.Gitanjali Devi, in the Indian round which was a low-key affair.’
      • ‘Chandrabaga Devi asked her what the matter was.’
      • ‘Renu Devi has been his life-partner of 54 years.’
      • ‘Old records: 92.5 kg by Pratima Devi, 115 kg by Haritha and 207.5 kg by Pratima, all in 2001.’
      • ‘Rattan Devi stated, ‘I saw three men writhing in great pain and a boy of about 12.’’
      • ‘From Kharkhauda about 50 km north-west of Delhi, Mata Sahib devi was sent to Delhi under proper escort, to join Mata Sundari, who was acting as head of the Khalsa.’
      • ‘He met Mrs Promila Devi, wife of Tilak Raj, and Mrs Bhago Devi, mother of Antaryami.’
      • ‘Remember Bhanwari Devi of Bhateri village in Rajasthan?’
      • ‘The network is available in all cities and towns across the nation and also in Singapore, London, Dubai and New York, says Sri Devi, the Product Executive Officer of Emotional Bond.’
      • ‘Ragini Devi, in the attempt to make what she had learned in India communicate to the western audience at home, even set Bharatanatyam movements to western music.’
      • ‘What about Jayalalithaa and Rabri Devi and Sonia Gandhi?’
      • ‘She has also been inspired by Yamuna devi and Kurma das, who Lexi says are great cooks in the tradition of spiritually based food preparation.’
      • ‘Mata Khivi was born in 1506 to Karan Devi and Bhai Devi Chand Khatri.’
      • ‘In 2001, when the panchayat elections were announced, Bhagwan Devi was encouraged to contest as a ward member.’
      • ‘Sri Chaitanya first married His eternal consort Sri Lakshmi-priya Devi before taking sannyasa at the age of twenty-four.’
      • ‘It maybe recalled that S.Sobita Devi, sustained bullet injuries in her legs during the June 18, 2001 firing incident and both her legs were amputated below the knee.’
      • ‘Sri Devi finds pleasure in watching Ganguli and his boys wielding the magic willow to trounce the Pakistanis in their land.’
      • ‘The award was presented to her by the chief guest, K.Vasanthi Devi, former vice-chancellor, Mother Theresa Women's University.’
      • ‘The injured were Krishna Devi, 55, wife of Chuni Lal of Shaheedi Chowk and Satya Devi, 50, wife of Gian Chand of Sidhra.’


From Sanskrit.