Definition of Delian in English:



  • Relating to Delos.

    • ‘Even though all Delian houses include one large room, an oecus maior, the dimensions of this hall far exceed the standards of private dwellings.’
    • ‘In Delian architecture, wells, cisterns, and large water reservoirs were usually located in a courtyard.’
    • ‘It is surprising that standard handbooks on Delian architecture do not discuss the Corinthian order and therefore the elements in question.’
    • ‘Within the Delian context, however, this niche, which was obviously created subsequent to the construction of the wall and is rather crudely made, is best explained as a place for a lamp.’
    • ‘Basins of different shapes, sizes, and quality have been found in various Delian contexts, e.g., in sanctuaries, houses, and agonistic establishments.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Delos.

    • ‘The bulk of the work was written during the war, the hideous course of which seemed day by day to enforce the profound truth conveyed in the answer of Plato to the Delians.’
    • ‘Thus at Delos a marble lintel which came from a door in the shrine of Archegetes Anios, the heros archegetes of the Delians, bears the inscription ‘It is not lawful for a xenos to enter’.’
    • ‘The response to the oracle, which is assigned to the Delians in some versions, is to build a second altar identical to the first one and set it on top of the first.’