Main definitions of DD in English

: DD1DD2


  • 1Doctor of Divinity.

  • 2Designated driver.

    ‘I'm the DD tonight’

Main definitions of DD in English

: DD1DD2



  • A person's daughter (particularly used in online forums)

    ‘my DD is having three girls sleep over for her sixth birthday’
    • ‘This evening DD and her friend are going bowling with the free tickets we got back in March and her friend is staying over for the evening.’
    • ‘After dinner DD went to a friends for a sleepover.’
    • ‘I had made an appointment for DD to have her haircut at 10 am.’
    • ‘The official beginning of my family's holiday season is always my DD's band concert.’
    • ‘My DD also wants to see Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, do some 5 th Ave shopping, visit Times Square, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.’
    • ‘By 10 am they hadn't arrived but we had managed to get DD's bed dismantled.’
    • ‘Today DD and I (and DD's friend and sister) braved the rain to walk to Pride Park and join in with hundreds of other Rams fans to see the lads off on the way to Wembley.’
    • ‘My DD is nearly 7 weeks old and won't take any milk from a bottle.’
    • ‘DD's form tutor is fantastic anyway.’
    • ‘However, DD's main passion in life is music, so this seemed like a show we may both enjoy.’
    • ‘I was a bit afraid as I was buying our tickets that my DD would perhaps be too old and think I had gone off the deep end for taking her as a teenager.’
    • ‘I also purchased a lunch bag for DD, which she thinks is too "cutsey" to take to high school, so I use it instead.’
    • ‘Taking DD to the doctor today, after she was ill again last nite.’
    • ‘My DD has been acting out at school and I am at my wit's end.’
    • ‘Last Tuesday DD had to take the day off school - her cough was awful and she had no sleep the night before.’
    • ‘So much left to do to get DD ready for Brownies camp this weekend!’
    • ‘It's DD's last day of nursery tomorrow so we just made cards for her teachers.’
    • ‘My DD and I are trying very hard to adopt a new healthy way of eating and snacking.’
    • ‘We're taking DD and two friends to the Utah Grizzlies/Idaho Steelheads game in SLC! Woohoo!’
    • ‘So now I am looking at making the trek to Pride Park on Wednesday to buy tickets for Me, DD, DS and DD's friend.’
    • ‘DD and I went shopping then stayed in the warm and watched TV.’


1990s: abbreviation of darling daughter or dear daughter.