Definition of Cypriot in English:



  • 1A native or inhabitant of Cyprus.

    • ‘A Cypriot presidential spokesman said the majority of those on board were Greek Cypriots.’
    • ‘A little older and a great deal larger than his peers, the 17-year-old Cypriot is built like a tank.’
    • ‘The border was partly reopened last year after pressure from Turkish and Greek Cypriots pushed their respective leaders into talks.’
    • ‘For Cypriots, membership of the European Union is far down the list of political priorities.’
    • ‘Greek Cypriots generally maintain close ties with friends of the same sex.’
    • ‘The Senate shall be composed of an equal number of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.’
    • ‘Makarios was not only the spiritual leader of Greek Cypriots, but was also their political leader.’
    • ‘Both Greek and Turkish Cypriots prefer to think of themselves as living close to Europe rather than Africa and the Middle East.’
    • ‘Greek and Turkish Cypriots will vote on reunification a week before Cyprus joins the EU on May 1.’
    • ‘Poles, Slovaks and Cypriots don't defer to Paris or Berlin.’
  • 2mass noun The dialect of Greek used in Cyprus.

    • ‘I am a philologist of the Athens University, specialising (after my retirement) in Cypriot linguistics and literature.’
    • ‘Interviews with workers were conducted in English, and those with officials and social movement activists in Greek Cypriot.’


  • 1Relating to Cyprus or its people or the Greek dialect used there.

    • ‘Andre, 31, was born in Harrow to Cypriot parents before moving to Australia in 1979.’
    • ‘The large communities of people of Cypriot, Italian, Polish, and Ukranian origin (to name only a few) to be found in many British cities are rarely thought of as constituting ethnic minorities.’
    • ‘Andrew talks warmly of being raised in the northern suburbs of Melbourne to Greek Cypriot parents.’
    • ‘This Greek Cypriot cheese is one of few that can stand up to the heat of a barbecue without collapsing.’
    • ‘Pambos became actively involved with Greek and Cypriot professional dancing at the age of 10.’
    • ‘Taro a vegetable which was known in Byzantium but is not known in Greece, is often included in Cypriot casserole dishes, for which the general name is kapamas.’
    • ‘Fellow-hacks following in my tracks to Nicosia were directed to the hotel bar where I held court and briefed them on Cypriot affairs, which I had myself mugged up on the flight from England only a few hours earlier.’
    • ‘During his free time, George likes going to the cinema with his Cypriot friends, and also to concerts.’
    • ‘The Greek Cypriot school system has four levels, beginning with pre-primary education for children from two to five and a half years old.’
    • ‘The sections on Greek, Cypriot, South African and then Italian food are equally colourful.’
    • ‘As long ago as 800 BC the Greek poet Hesiod described a sweet Cypriot wine, produced from sun-dried grapes.’
    • ‘We'll meet some of the island's leading conservationists and experience Cypriot village life.’
    • ‘Turkish, Greek and Cypriot shops often sell a large-leafed rocket in bunches, which has a strong, peppery taste and is quite fleshy.’
    • ‘In London, we ate a lot of Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot food.’
    • ‘Over the millennia, different settlers have tremendously influenced Cyprus, which is why Cypriot traditions consist of a mixture of influences remaining from settlers.’
    • ‘We hired a car and drove far away from the coastal tourist belt and up into the hills to the villages and monasteries in the Troodos Mountains to sample real Cypriot life.’
    • ‘In 1974, in a crowded railway compartment whistling through northern Italy, I found myself squeezed next to a Cypriot student.’
    1. 1.1 Denoting an ancient syllabic script related to the Minoan and Mycenaean scripts, which was used to write the Cypriot dialect of Greek from the 6th to the 3rd centuries BC.
      • ‘The Minoans were not Greek and spoke the Cypriot language and so the established hypothesis was that there was some relation between Linear A and B and the Cypriot script.’


From Greek Kupriōtes, from Kupros ‘Cyprus’.