Definition of Cycladic in English:



  • 1Relating to the Cyclades.

    • ‘The waterfront with its white Cycladic houses is very grand and the splendid harbour looks out at the Portara, a vast gateway of marble shaped like the Greek letter pi.’
    • ‘Krater is a house on Antiparos, one of the smaller islands of the Cycladic archipelago.’
    • ‘Santorini ranks among the most stylish Greek islands, its classic whitewashed, blue-domed Cycladic houses teetering atop steepling cliffs.’
    • ‘Syros is a calm, classy Cycladic island, with a stunning neoclassical ‘capital’ piled on two hills.’
    1. 1.1Archaeology Relating to or denoting a Bronze Age civilization that flourished in the Cyclades, dated to c.3000 to c.1050 BC.
      • ‘In the classical galleries, three Cycladic terracotta vases dating to about 2000 BC are extraordinary in their craftsmanship, preservation and rarity.’
      • ‘Today the collection ranges from Cycladic statuettes, through the Archaic period, to the Hellenistic period.’
      • ‘While Mycenaean frescoes were derived from representations and conventions of Minoan and Cycladic painting, the Mycenaeans adapted these for their own purposes.’
      • ‘In these sculptures, he fused the traditions of Classical, folk Romanian, African, Egyptian, and Cycladic art, as he would continue to do in all his subsequent works.’
      • ‘Just as earlier Minoan and Cycladic feasting practices influenced the tastes of mainland elites at the beginning of the Late Bronze Age, the Mycenaean feast found favor in many areas with which the Mycenaeans were in contact.’
    2. 1.2as noun the Cycladic The Cycladic culture or period.