Definition of Congregationalism in English:



mass noun
  • A system of organization among Christian churches whereby individual local churches are largely self-governing.

    • ‘He seeks to remedy both the Congregationalist neglect of ecclesiology and the ecumenical neglect of Congregationalism.’
    • ‘The Congregationalism of the LMS which provided autonomy for its missionaries meant that even those working in close proximity exhibited fundamental differences in their missionising strategies.’
    • ‘The influence of Congregationalism in Massachusetts is also described there.’
    • ‘British influence remained strong for several decades, during which the Merina court was converted to Presbyterianism, Congregationalism, and Anglicanism.’
    • ‘Her brother's flirtation with Universalism and her own ‘excommunication’ from Congregationalism provide the sparks for this story.’
    • ‘We know that from the earliest decades of their enslaved sojourn in North America, some Africans converted to Christianity, e.g., Congregationalism, Anglicanism, and Quakerism.’
    • ‘This dominant social class was, however, marked by religious crisis, with that great Boston oddity, Unitarianism, constituting a rebellion against traditional Calvinist Congregationalism.’
    • ‘Finally, I'm not particular about tax breaks, nor do I hold a brief for Congregationalism or whatever it was your pastor used to say, but I do think it might be a good thing to revisit the simplistic conclusions of your Inner Fourteen Year Old.’
    • ‘As late as 1865, outside London, one third of the ministers within Congregationalism - the most prosperous and bourgeois evangelical denomination - had no ‘collegiate training’.’
    • ‘Christianity, represented by the Congregationalism of the LMS and its modem-day successor, the United Church, has become a tradition in itself since its introduction in the late 19th century.’
    • ‘When the rector of the Cambridge Anglican church, East Apthorp, printed comments that attacked the Puritan basis of Congregationalism, he responded with an attack of his own.’
    • ‘Separation of the Unitarians from the orthodox Calvinists was complicated by the status of Congregationalism as the established church of Massachusetts until 1833.’