Definition of colugo in English:



  • another term for flying lemur
    • ‘The skull of a colugo is very distinctive, broad and flat in outline and with a nearly complete postorbital process that sets off the eye sockets.’
    • ‘Their ancestors might have looked a little like colugos.’
    • ‘However, the many lineages of gliding animals today, including a host of lizards, squirrels, marsupials, and colugos show no signs of turning into flappers anytime soon.’
    • ‘This superorder comprises primates, colugos, bats, and tree shrews.’
    • ‘Bats are thought to be related most closely to the Dermoptera, a small order of mammals (two species) which includes the colugos or ‘flying lemurs’ of the Phillippines.’


Late 18th century: of unknown origin.