Definition of Christmas rose in English:

Christmas rose


  • 1A small white-flowered winter-blooming hellebore, grown as a houseplant.

    Helleborus niger, family Ranunculaceae

    • ‘The flowers of the Christmas rose are characterized by a showy, white or rose, perianth whose, usually five, elements are mostly classified as sepals.’
    • ‘Despite its name, the Christmas rose, Helleborus niger, for example, generally flowers from January to March with white flowers often tinged with pink or green and dark green leathery leaves.’
    • ‘This problem is caused by a fungal disease called helleborus leaf spot, which often attacks Christmas roses.’
    • ‘Do plant out your Christmas roses and add Bergenias and chives.’
    • ‘Hellebore Known as Christmas rose, a poisonous plant used as a purgative, in the treatment of dropsy and as an abortifacient.’
  • 2South African

    another term for Christmas flower