Definition of Charophyta in English:


plural noun

  • A division of lower plants that includes the stoneworts, which are frequently treated as a class (Charophyceae ) of the green algae.

    • ‘At present, 16 species of Charophyta are known in Crimea, that is more than half of the number of species recorded in Ukraine.’
    • ‘The Charophyta have recently been referred to as the Streptophyta, but the reasons given for this change in nomenclature are probably insufficient.’
    • ‘The charophycean lineage includes the Chlorokybales, Klebsormidiales, Conjugophyta, the Coleochaetales and the Charophyta.’
    • ‘There are only four genera of Charophyta occurring in North America.’
    • ‘The maximum depth of Charophyta occurrence is 7 meters, and most of the species do not spread to the depth of 1 meter.’


Modern Latin (plural), former name of the family Characeae, from Chara (genus name) + phuton ‘a plant’.