Definition of Champion of England in English:

Champion of England


  • (in the UK) a hereditary official who at coronations offers to defend the monarch's title to the throne.

    • ‘James Figg opened his Academy in Tottenham Court Road London, in 1719, and claimed the title ‘Champion of England’ from then until about 1730.’
    • ‘But when everything was prepared, the opponent of the earl, seized with a sudden panic, fled the arena; whereupon the victory was adjudged by acclamation to the champion of England.’
    • ‘The author would like to extend his thanks to Mr. Sid Watkinson, whose Grandfather was Champion of England in 1904.’
    • ‘The interior is exceedingly neat, and contains several interesting monuments to members of the family of Dymoke, of Scrivelsby, in which is vested the office of hereditary champion of England.’
    • ‘The champion of England came forth from the ranks’