Definition of Cestoda in English:


(also Cestoidea)

plural noun

  • A class of parasitic flatworms that comprises the tapeworms.

    • ‘We analyze and describe here the complete mitochondrial genome sequence of a platyhelminth, the tapeworm (i.e., class Cestoda) Hymenolepis diminuta, and compare aspects of this genome with those already published.’
    • ‘The medically important flatworms are further divided into the flukes and tapeworms (Cestoda).’
    • ‘Within the Platyhelminthes, there is little evidence of homology among the amino acid sequences in this region; even within the Cestoda, this region is highly variable.’
    • ‘The Cestoda, or tapeworms, are intestinal parasites in vertebrates, and they also show anatomical and life history modifications for parasitism.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Latin cestus, from Greek kestos, literally ‘stitched’, used as a noun in the sense ‘girdle’.