Definition of Carolinian in English:



  • A native or inhabitant of the US states of South or North Carolina.

    • ‘But only Carolinians, North and South, bother to barbeque.’
    • ‘By exporting captives to other parts of the Atlantic basin as slaves, Carolinians made a profit and removed individuals and groups who might have stood in the way of colonial expansion into the interior.’
    • ‘The thirtysomething Carolinian journeyman is the funniest guy in golf, and has spent an event or two doing television, and splitting sides like no one else in the business.’
    • ‘They tried to lure Carolinians with a sign, ‘Cold Beer.’’
    • ‘In the ‘first secession crisis’ of 1849-52, Carolinians from the southern districts battled those from the northern reaches of the state.’
    • ‘The two Carolinians have known each other since Glover was 10, and the young man's grandfather, sought Haas' counsel.’
    • ‘Neither experiment worked as planned: Pennsylvania's Quaker-dominated assembly in Philadelphia challenged Penn's policies and authority, while the Carolinians never conferred a single title.’
    • ‘For example, Virginians considered themselves greatly different from Marylanders or Carolinians.’
    • ‘We'll be going back there to peek in on that town hall meeting, where, as I understand it, 3,000 Carolinians are even studying up on currency manipulation, as well as everything else.’


  • 1Relating to South or North Carolina.

    • ‘The band provide almost two hours of solid, upbeat Maritime - or Carolinian, as the case may be - music.’
    • ‘As such, there is considerable latitudinal movement of fishes across the Virginian province, with New York waters becoming habitable by representatives of the Acadian province in winter, and the Carolinian province during summer.’
  • 2Denoting a forest region extending from South Ontario to South Carolina.

    • ‘The nearly two-mile Woodland Nature Trail provides the best introduction to the forest habitat, called eastern deciduous in the United States but here commonly referred to as Carolinian.’
    • ‘The centre specializes in interactive exhibits with a focus on Southern Ontario, and in particular Windsor and Essex County, including industry, the Carolinian forest and the Great Lakes waterway.’