Definition of Captain Cooker in English:

Captain Cooker


  • A wild boar.

    • ‘Their cross-breeding with Captain Cookers and domestic breeds meant their demise was imminent.’
    • ‘Most Captain Cookers roam in small groups or by themselves throughout the native bush of New Zealand.’
    • ‘There's a breed of wild pig in the South Island called Captain Cooker after the man who sailed there on his seaploughpigthing.’
    • ‘A second theory is that the Kunekune pigs are related to Captain Cookers, the other breed of pig native to New Zealand.’
    • ‘Maybe disguise all the squirrels as Red Riding Hoods, Captain Cookers, or something else dangerous that lives in the forest.’
    • ‘With the United Pet Pig Registry ™ you may find yourself judging a Potbellied Pig, KuneKune, Pet Feral Pig, Captain Cooker Pig, or the all American Farm Pig.’
    • ‘But Sonny had already gone, charging through the brush, his hands on the hocks and his head between the haunches of a Captain Cooker, almost as long as he was.’
    • ‘Although domesticated by other breeds the true Captain Cooker can still be found by hunters in New Zealand's native bush.’
    • ‘Pig hunters and their dogs chased a Captain Cooker (named after the pigs released by James Cook when he landed in New Zealand) through the bush.’
    • ‘Compared to the rather lean Captain Cooker, the kune kune was fat and when roasted, the meat was put in barrels and the fat poured over it to seal it for the long sea voyage to Australia.’
    • ‘Fish didn't seem to be quite the right substitute for turkey - something which has to be hunted on land - so I figured a Captain Cooker would have done the trick back then.’
    • ‘Betty will show the children her feral animals, regarded as endangered species, Captain Cook goats, Captain Cooker pigs, and her Spanish merino sheep with their magnificent horns.’
    • ‘Introduced by early settlers - hence the name Captain Cookers - they're big and black and have tusks to kill each other and careless dogs.’
    • ‘Density in the Wild for Captain Cookers (wild boar) - during the heaviest population period, 1947, was guessed at about 123 / km² (196 per square mile).’
    • ‘Feral pigs (Captain Cookers) are farmed on small blocks and the Kunekune is also popular.’
    • ‘Over the years crossbreeding with Captain Cookers (European pigs introduced by Captain Cook) and more recently with domestic swine the KuneKune had become a dying breed.’


Late 19th century: named after Captain J. Cook (see Cook, Captain James), who brought domesticated pigs (from which the wild boar is supposedly descended) to New Zealand.


Captain Cooker

/ˌkaptɪn ˈkʊkə/