Definition of Bual in English:



mass noun
  • 1A variety of wine grape grown chiefly in Madeira.

    • ‘The name was used for a whole group of grapes but today is usually connected with the Bual de Madeira.’
    • ‘The white Sercial, Verdelho, Bual, and Malvasia varieties which are classified as ‘noble’ by the ruling Madeira Wine Institute are in short supply.’
    • ‘This fine wine is made from the Bual grape which produces a medium rich style, perhaps the most versatile among Madeira's.’
    • ‘The high acidity in the Bual grape combined with Maderization, a process in which the wine is fortified and then slowly cooked in barrel over a period of many years, allows the wine to achieve incredible longevity.’
    • ‘It has many subvarieties, although Bual Cachudo is the highest quality one, and is the most commonly planted.’
    1. 1.1 A Madeira wine of a medium-sweet type made from Bual grapes.
      • ‘Served slightly chilled, dry Sercials and Verdelhos make fresh, exuberant aperitifs, while the richer Buals and Malmseys are superb with cheese, nuts - and cigars - at the end of a meal.’
      • ‘Barbeito Bual 1863 5 NR 5/2003 order of 1btl $245.00 Rare Wine Company 5 / 2003, order of 1btl $290.00 Rare Wine Company 12/2003 / / order of 12 btls $290.00 ea, Rare Wine Company 2/2004 / / order of 2btls $325.00 ea.’
      • ‘The name is used on Madeira labels to indicate a medium-dry style somewhere between Sercial and Bual, with nuttiness and a just discernible amount of sweetness.’
      • ‘For many Madeira lovers, Buals offer the best combination of richness and elegance.’
      • ‘4670 1827 Quinta de Serrado Bual (from the cama de lobos district, matured in the cask at the quinta, put in demijohns in 1935, bottled in 1988)’
      • ‘Madeira Wine Co Tasting Category: Madeira - Bual - 28-34 YO Vintage: 1971 Award: Gold (Best in Class) Alcohol%: 0% Country - Region: Portugal - Madeira Judges’ Tasting Notes: Bright bronze with greenish tinge and yellowing edge.’
      • ‘It is a blend of old Buals, and as he stated in the book, ‘‘today it is considered in the trade a standard for fine old Bual’’.’
      • ‘All of Barbeito's wines - even the fully sweet Buals and Malmseys - lie somewhere between pale gold and burnished tawny in the spectrum.’
      • ‘Wine Spectator 87 points - Medium-bodied for Bual, showing attractive caramel, smoke and earth notes.’
      • ‘Crème brulée or dark chocolate make great foils for Bual and Malmsey, though the latter especially can be a dessert in and of itself.’


From Portuguese boal.