Definition of blob in English:



  • 1A drop of a thick liquid or viscous substance.

    ‘blobs of paint’
    • ‘You can drop a blob of whipped cream to enhance the taste and add a small dash of the cognac to it.’
    • ‘They're made of flat blobs of glass, held together by some kind of soldered metal.’
    • ‘When I say I ‘made’ the dessert, I cut off a portion of sponge and took the ice cream out of the freezer - then I spooned out the two blobs of ice cream.’
    • ‘The handmade ravioli were plump with a purée of vegetables, and generously coated with a light tomato sauce and strategically placed blobs of basil pesto.’
    • ‘The molten glass may then be poured into moulds and shaped under high pressure, or taken as a blob of red hot liquid and blown into moulds, or free blown.’
    • ‘If anything ever looked more like a bug splat on a car windshield or a blob of ice cream dropped on a sidewalk - it just has to be the asterisk.’
    • ‘I sign the verse, then drop a blob of wax underneath and make a thumb-print.’
    • ‘Push a button with your thumb and it dispenses a perfect-sized blob of toothpaste through the bristles and onto the head.’
    • ‘The sink was blocked and full of blobs of gunk.’
    • ‘Suppose a glowing blob of some unknown substance were parked right in front of you.’
    • ‘In one model, a saffron-yellow liquid filled the globe, and a blue blob of oil oozed up from the glass bottom like some alien life form.’
    • ‘The slag was looking rusty, and where some of it had been eroded there has appeared a large blob of tar, it was melting and bubbling in the sun.’
    • ‘There are clear, with the usual imperfections that come with Mexican glassware, and have interesting green and blue blobs of glass embedded in the glass.’
    • ‘The stinger's gone, so just wash it and rub a good blob of jungle ointment in it and round it.’
    • ‘Is there a shared factor that binds the two together like a blob of industrial-strength super glue?’
    • ‘A good blob of moisturizer on your face will help your skin retain water, making sure it stays soft and supple.’
    • ‘It had tiny blobs of horseradish cream and a little parmesan on top but the meat was not raw, rather almost cured with vinegary and watery juices from a pile of redundant salad leaves on top.’
    • ‘Then the ‘piece de resistance’ - I spooned two blobs of vanilla ice cream on the two portions, and thus a remarkable meal was complete.’
    • ‘It was crisp, with a dollop of really well-made tomato salsa on top (which suggested long, slow cooking and adroit seasoning) and there was a blob of melted mozzarella on that.’
    • ‘The samosa were weird but quite pleasant, if spoiled by deep-frying and an out-of-proportion blob of vinegary mayonnaise.’
    • ‘What we had done was smash our fists down on a blob of mercury and it had burst out into many droplets.’
    drop, droplet, globule, bead, ball, bubble, pellet, pill, pearl
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    1. 1.1A spot of colour.
      ‘the town is much more than a brown blob on the map’
      • ‘British haute cuisine is currently at risk from choking itself to an early death on a diet of squiggles, blobs, foams, and purees.’
      • ‘On the studio wall, beside the sliver of window, is a large, multi - coloured blob.’
      • ‘It shows the 400 outbreaks of foot-and-mouth marked with red blobs.’
      • ‘A white blob was smeared across the lower part of his abdomen.’
      • ‘The home page is a white page with a five line contents list up on the left and a brown blob in the middle.’
      • ‘All sorts of things that he could think of as being ordered and arranged in his mind he would see as if they were patterns of coloured blobs in very particular patterns.’
      • ‘While the paint is still damp, I drop blobs of brown paint onto the wet wash, creating a random spotted pattern.’
      • ‘The slides all looked identical to Dan - a lot of coloured blobs and tangled spaghetti, annotated by mysterious abbreviations.’
      • ‘As for telling the time accurately, merely knowing that the big hand is somewhere in between the two widely-spaced coloured blobs on your watch face is usually quite good enough for most people.’
      • ‘It plays games and curious entertainments of swirly coloured blobs.’
      • ‘Every coloured blob indicates a weekend shutdown along part of a particular line.’
      • ‘There is a history here of ancient waymarking, a faded blob of yellow now and then, one on an antique and redundant gatepost that will topple at the next nudge of a sheep's flank.’
      • ‘The results are pictures of temperature fluctuations shown as tiny blobs of red and white.’
      • ‘At the last moment he hesitated, spotting the light reflecting off a garish purple blob taped oddly to the side of a tree another fifty feet up the trail.’
      • ‘‘I was thinking we'd stop at this town,’ he pointed to a blob on the map with his free hand, suddenly needing to change the topic.’
      spot, dab, splash, pop, daub, blotch, blot, dot, fleck, speck, smudge, smear, streak, mark
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    2. 1.2An indeterminate roundish mass or shape.
      ‘a big pink blob of a face was at the window’
      • ‘Still, the sight took on an ominous face, especially when the blob began to from a solid tangible shape.’
      • ‘Further down the field the finishing line was marked by a group of people-shaped grey blobs.’
      • ‘The solidified fat droplets collide and adhere to each other, but they retain much of their original shape instead of forming one big blob.’
      • ‘The four blobs were growing, taking on distinct shapes of their own.’
      • ‘It was this big pink blob, and I had to let it go somewhere.’
      • ‘Sometimes, that's the only way to get an amorphous blob into shape.’
      • ‘Soon someone spotted a massive, gelatinous white blob wriggling in the sand.’
      • ‘One, the blob tends to take on the shape of a sphere.’
      • ‘A third assumed a spherical shell containing dense blobs or clumps of matter.’
      • ‘My mind was a big blob and it wouldn't function right.’
      • ‘The images in front of my eyes began flying by so quickly, I was no longer able to focus and pretty soon, they'd melted into one big grey blob.’
      • ‘How am I going to enjoy the dance if all I can see is big blobs from the flash?’
      • ‘You must also not overlap the silhouetted shapes because you will end up with an unidentifiable blob.’
      • ‘Otherwise I would look like a big blob in the middle of the screen.’
      • ‘Her vision blurred the faces around her into blobs and spots.’
      • ‘They don't put the chunks of fatty blobs in, and I'd forgotten they exist.’
      • ‘And back in the 90s, some other scientists studied age-old chunks of a mystery blob from 1869.’
      • ‘She looked into the bag and pulled out what looked like a shapeless blob.’
      • ‘In further contrast to the brightly coloured clothes and accessories of the young women, the man's body seems no longer human and instead is a black blob trailing a crimson train of blood.’
      • ‘There are the pieces barely there in form, undefined and tentative, as if they were emerging from the confining blob of clay.’
      glob, gobbet, lump, clump, ball, mound
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    3. 1.3informal A score of 0 in a game.
      ‘he made a string of blobs then hit a hundred’
      • ‘It's a shame because the fans suffer as the league homogenizes into one indiscernible parity-filled blob.’


  • Put small drops of thick liquid or spots of colour on.

    ‘her nose was blobbed with paint’
    • ‘I blobbed some hot-melt glue on the backs of the boards and pressed them into place.’
    • ‘They begin with a canvas blobbed with dollops of non-toxic paint in strategic places, and their creativity is expressed through finger painting.’
    • ‘We blobbed some blue and white paint on top of the glue then we swirled it with a glue spreader’
    daub, dab, spot, smear, bedaub, splash, slap, slop
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Late Middle English (denoting a bubble): perhaps symbolic of a drop of liquid; compare with blotch, blubber, and plop.