Main definitions of bafta in English

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(also baft)


mass noun
  • Coarse fabric, typically of cotton.

    • ‘He uses cotton (bafta) to sketch or print the image.’
    • ‘The baft may be needled from both sides or from one side.’
    • ‘The exceptions were the white cotton cloth called baft and the off-white cloth that was called malti or mansuri or kham.’
    • ‘Juapong has a heap of gray baft stacked in its ware house with no hope of buyers.’
    • ‘Bafta is a popular blend of tasar and cotton.’
    • ‘Gauze constitution was worse with the baft fabric because of copious interstitial strands of threads, which interfere with mesh openings.’
    • ‘Poets of the Mughal durbar likened our muslins to baft hawa (woven air).’
    • ‘Cotton muslin,. i.e., a type of “gray baft”, or if affordable, some other higher quality cotton cloth can be used.’
    • ‘Minister of Trade and Industry informed that JTL would start operations this month with high quality production of grey baft for the local textile industry.’
    • ‘The silk and zari work brocade of lighter material and less heavier ornamentation is known as bafta and the brocade without any metal thread work is known as amaru.’


Late 16th century: from Urdu, from Persian bāft ‘textile’, bāfta ‘woven’.




Main definitions of bafta in English

: bafta1BAFTA2


proper noun

  • 1The British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

    1. 1.1as noun An award given each year by BAFTA for outstanding achievement in British film and television.
      ‘three of the cast won BAFTAs’
      • ‘His collaborations were honoured with many Bafta, RTS and Emmy nominations and awards.’
      • ‘If Bafta doesn't exist to reward and encourage blazing British talent like Mullan and his producer Frances Higson then we might as well all give up and surrender to the might of Hollywood.’
      • ‘I thought it would be like an awards ceremony like the Bafta's but it was nothing like that.’
      • ‘Just as the ‘t’ in Bafta is their only worthwhile aspect, so the TV awards which come with the Golden Globes reveal why film awards are so tiresome.’
      • ‘Who picked up two Bafta awards for best sitcom and best comedy performance?’
      • ‘Why is Horowitz, winner of the Bafta people's award for his adult detective TV series Foyle's War, best known for his teenage boy hero Rider?’
      • ‘He also received a Bafta and Sony Radio Award for his services to broadcasting.’
      • ‘And at the forthcoming Bafta awards Zellweger has again been nominated for best actress, while Zeta Jones has to settle for the best supporting actress category.’
      • ‘The actress won Golden Globe and Bafta awards for her lead role in 1998 film Elizabeth, and she plays the elf queen Galadriel in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.’
      • ‘It has helped earn her a nomination for a coveted British Academy Television Craft Award - the Bafta awards for TV's behind-the-scenes staff.’
      • ‘Filming is expected to be carried out throughout August in Todmorden, Bacup and the surrounding areas, under a Bafta award winning director.’
      • ‘She was nominated for Best Actress for Tomorrow La Scala at the Bafta and RTS awards in 2003.’
      • ‘For Byrne, who was rewarded with a Bafta, it was the highlight of a writing career which began with Writer's Cramp, a play which was first performed on radio.’
      • ‘As predicted by many pundits, Anthony Minghella's Cold Mountain leads the nominations for this year's Bafta awards, with 13 nominations.’
      • ‘The BBC commissioned The Ant and Dec Show but - despite a Bafta award - never felt comfortable with some of the edgier items on the show.’
      • ‘I'm glad to see that The Aviator won the Bafta award for Best Film.’
      • ‘It's the first Bafta awards ceremony he's been to.’
      • ‘The song was written by Mr McCartney for a Rupert movie that never quite materialised, but the magical video justly won the Bafta award for Best Animated Short Film in 1985.’
      • ‘The scripts are then filmed and all the would-be comics are presented with a Dafta - Colin's version of the drama award, the Bafta.’
      • ‘The organiser of tonight's Scottish Bafta awards has criticised corporate Scotland for failing to support young acting talent.’