Definition of Aquarian in English:



  • A person born under the sign of Aquarius.

    • ‘Whatever route they take, whether rebels or homecoming queens, Libras, Gemini and Aquarians need to be part of it.’
    • ‘It may not surprise you Aquarians to learn that your sign governs electricity.’
    • ‘There are two types of Aquarians when it comes to sex.’
    • ‘Like all air signs, Aquarians carry the double-edged gift of being able to detach their reason from their emotions, allowing them to rationalise their feelings and override base instincts or lustful passions.’
    • ‘Very philosophical, Aquarians tend to be very tolerant of other faiths and cultures, and of all of the signs, Aquarians are least likely to be troubled by entering a mixed faith marriage.’


  • 1Relating to the sign of Aquarius.

    • ‘In this week's steamy atmosphere, Aquarian Mercury's hothouse ideas and concepts might seem unusually exciting.’
    • ‘Aries: Aquarian energies usually electrify you Martian sparks with innovative ideas, original inspirations and inventive future plans.’
    • ‘Leo time brings exciting enterprises and adventures to the Aquarian storyboard, and this week's brimming with the kind of fun and trouble you find amusing.’
    • ‘Aries fire plus Aquarian air equal yeah, a volatile gassy substance which, wisely focussed, provides an enormous energy source capable of taking you a long way.’
    • ‘He or she may be fascinating, brilliant, eccentric, chaotic, unstable, a wild child, or a genius, but is always unconventional or original, signifying many Aquarian characteristics.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to the Age of Aquarius.
      ‘Aquarian debates on ancient wisdom’
      • ‘And the 70s were a decade of Aquarian folksy humanitarianism.’
      • ‘This Aquarian generation may be among the most amenable to the tug of nostalgia and voluntary simplicity, not to mention heartfelt entreaties to quality moments with children and grandchildren.’
      • ‘Mark trained Elizabeth for the role of messenger for the Brotherhood, and together they were able to fulfill the mission of their twin flames by bringing forth the Brotherhood's teachings for the Aquarian age.’
      • ‘Idealistically believing we could usher in an Aquarian Age of Love was perhaps naive, but was not, and is not now, irresponsible.’
      • ‘So we can discuss the changes which are going on as really being a by-product of what we call the Aquarian age.’