Definition of 411 in English:



the 411
North American
  • The relevant information or the truth.

    ‘when guys come to you for the 411 on your friend, tell them they should talk to her’
    ‘let me give you the 411, straight up’
    • ‘We look at their latest kit and give you the 411.’
    • ‘Here's the 411 on what should be a massive summer disc.’
    • ‘Read this great 411 on Haircolor before you take the plunge.’
    • ‘Don't you have the 411 already?’
    • ‘I will gladly answer all your questions, give you all the 411 and we can set up an appointment.’
    • ‘Tune in next week for the 411, as the kids say.’
    • ‘The assumption is that attention spans are short and that readers must be given a quick 411 for you to have any hope of reeling them in.’
    • ‘What's the 411 on Internet business opportunities?’
    • ‘I found out that locations are kept secret but if you join the mailing list at their website you will be provided with the 411!’
    • ‘He knows better than anyone what the sisters are really about, including the secret 411 on their fashion, hair and style likes and dislikes.’


From 411, the phone number of a directory assistance service in the US and Canada.