Definition of (at) full blast in English:

(at) full blast


  • At maximum power or intensity.

    ‘the heat is on full blast’
    • ‘Police cars swirled all over the ground, surrounding the crowd, lights and sirens on, full blast.’
    • ‘He deplored the fact that the factory was started up at night and was going at full blast.’
    • ‘As the theatre group set up, I was treated to all my favorite pop songs played at full blast.’
    • ‘It took three enormous blankets and a heater on full blast to keep me warm.’
    • ‘Start up the engine and run the heat at full blast again until you're warm.’
    • ‘Even with the air-conditioning going full blast, the sun began to turn his car into an oven.’
    • ‘You get out of your car and the fiery heat hits you full blast.’
    • ‘This song, like many others on the album, was written to be played at full blast.’
    • ‘Then she drove home with the radio on full blast.’
    • ‘The worst causes are dogs barking for long periods, and people who play their music too loudly or have their TV on full blast.’
    with great force, full force, with full force, full blast, with a will, for all one is worth, with might and main, with all the stops out, all out, with a vengeance, vigorously, energetically, strongly, powerfully, madly
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