Definition of (as) dry as dust in English:

(as) dry as dust


  • 1Extremely dry.

    ‘his throat was dry as dust’
    • ‘Cocoa Puffs, dry as dust and hard as she poured them into the bowl, the glass still warm from the hot water.’
    • ‘Her arms and legs felt like hundred-pound weights; the inside of Tory's mouth felt like the sand of the Sahara desert, dry as dust.’
    • ‘He saw the woman stand slowly and his mouth tasted as dry as dust.’
    • ‘My dad would try every now and then but his potatoes were dry as dust.’
    1. 1.1 Extremely dull; lacking emotion, expression, or interest.
      ‘what the students learned was as dry as dust’
      • ‘US audiences will find this latter subject dry as dust and uninteresting.’
      • ‘The presenter has an infectious enthusiasm that television producers believe lends popular appeal to subjects that some viewers might otherwise consider dry as dust.’
      • ‘His commentary track is dry as dust.’
      • ‘This does not mean however that the correct approach must be dry as dust.’
      • ‘A legend as a player, now dry as dust on German TV - but strangely endearing for it.’
      • ‘Van Gogh may have attended art school in Antwerp, but he found it dry as dust and here we see his real teachers: Delacroix Courbet, Millet and Rembrandt.’
      • ‘How could such a man have been a mere mechanical nincompoop churning out thousands of pages of dry as dust études intent only on stifling the eager piano student?’
      • ‘I searched in vain for a subject that wasn't deadly boring, dry as dust, and leached of every detail of the kind that makes things interesting in real life.’
      • ‘Better illustrated than usual, no doubt, but probably dry as dust.’
      • ‘Had they been written by a psychologist I feel sure they would be as dry as dust.’
      dull, uninteresting, boring, unexciting, tedious, tiresome, wearisome, dreary, monotonous, dry as dust, arid
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