Definition of (as) clear as day in English:

(as) clear as day


  • Very easy to see or understand.

    ‘I saw him clear as day’
    ‘the reason for Peter's evasiveness was suddenly as clear as day’
    • ‘I loved him, I said it clear as day to him and he understood that.’
    • ‘But when you actually saw the written evidence it was as clear as day.’
    • ‘I didn't have a clue what it was and then I saw the Pope's face, clear as day.’
    • ‘They're virtually invisible to everyone else, but I see them clear as day.’
    • ‘Normally I'm aware I'm dreaming due to the subtle layer of surreality but this one was clear as day (though I can't remember any of it now, of course).’
    • ‘It is there clear as day, on public record, as said by the Prime Minister.’
    • ‘Out of the blue, like a movie, these images appear in front of me, clear as day.’
    • ‘The trophy for that triumph is clear as day with this bunch.’
    • ‘Looking around, she noticed she could see clear as day.’
    • ‘She recognized her own handwriting as clear as day on the back of the picture as he flipped it around.’
    obvious, evident, plain, apparent, crystal clear, as clear as crystal, transparent
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