Definition of (as) — as hell in English:

(as) — as hell


  • Used for emphasis.

    ‘he's as guilty as hell’
    • ‘For starters the presentation sucks, and I don't have a hope in hell of figuring out how to design a decent title bar.’
    • ‘There is no chance in hell of the Coalition leaving Labor with a massive surplus.’
    • ‘Are they now going to pay my direct debits which are due this week because I sure as hell can't without my tax credits?’
    • ‘And with that he left the room, leaving Craig feeling as guilty as hell for something he doesn't remember doing.’
    • ‘What in hell would they think of the metal gizmo we'd plunked down on their back yards?’
    • ‘If that's being politically correct than we sure as hell know what side of the argument we're on.’
    • ‘I don't care how pretty they are: there isn't a chance in hell that the new version can offer up a cast to beat that.’
    • ‘However, she's also mad as hell and really isn't going to take it anymore.’
    • ‘I'm still out here, running free and as guilty as hell.’
    • ‘If he can't be honest about his own past, how in hell are we expected to believe him when he talks about the major issues.’
    • ‘With a famous director father and fabulous superstar mum, Liza never stood a hope in hell of achieving normality.’
    • ‘If you know my wife you'll know that she's not into the stereotypical ideals I have no hope in hell of competing with.’
    • ‘It is his first choice, but he says he hasn't a hope in hell of getting in.’
    • ‘We sure as hell ought to be able to do it the second time in less time than the first, if nothing else.’
    • ‘I think you just need one in order to give you a hope in hell of not reverting to form…’
    • ‘If I were a prospective sponsor and looked at their site, I'd sure as hell change my mind.’
    • ‘It's not great art or anything, but their drummer sure as hell earns the money.’
    • ‘Once thing is true, there is no way in hell you can be a meaningful councillor and an MP at the same time.’
    • ‘I had no hope in hell of catching him in the flesh but I hope to be a nightly fixture in his nightmares for years to come.’
    • ‘There is no way in hell they want to be part of what, in essence, would be the new crusades.’
    • ‘There's no way in hell any one person can take in all the shows, and so clues must be searched out.’
    • ‘There's no way in hell I'm not going to end up completely losing any ID card I get.’
    • ‘She could be fine as hell, but if you have conflicting issues all the time, it's not gonna work.’
    • ‘All the other teams saw us putting up ours so began theirs, but only Carrie's team has a hope in hell of beating our masterpiece.’
    • ‘I woke up this morning somewhat before my alarm went off, feeling nauseous as hell.’
    • ‘I sure as hell wouldn't want to be treated as second fiddle, so why do some of us treat others that way?’
    • ‘Tom Chaplin and the boys are back and this time they are mad as hell.’
    • ‘There's no chance of escape and there was no way in hell I was going to make it known that I am in the adjacent room.’
    • ‘The abuse was vicious and unrelenting and there wasn't a chance in hell that it would go unchallenged.’
    • ‘He sure as hell hates losing and doesn't just want win, he wants to rub it in.’
    • ‘So with everyone describing me as a Scottish painter, I reckoned I didn't have a hope in hell.’
    • ‘There was no way in hell I was eating that so I settled for a meat and potato pie.’
    • ‘Either he was drunk as hell or just as stupid as hell… well… he was probably both.’
    • ‘There are magazines on the coffee table in front of me, and I'm feeling nervous as hell.’
    • ‘We were stubborn as hell but we were hanging on by our fingernails.’
    • ‘Tallis, professor of geriatric medicine at Manchester, is mad as hell and he's not going to take any more.’
    • ‘He looks as guilty as hell and I realise we would be denying cruel destiny if I did not now make it my business to find out what he thinks he is guilty of.’
    • ‘But it's sure as hell got to be the best way, the only way, to mainline pure adrenaline in the cinema.’
    • ‘I thought it was funny as hell, and kept laughing throughout the day every time I thought of it.’
    • ‘What in hell does one's husband or wife have to do with anybody's ability to perform a job?’