Definition of (as) —— as pie in English:

(as) —— as pie


  • Very ——

    ‘using the camera was as easy as pie’
    • ‘He was as nice as pie on the door too - always polite.’
    • ‘Once the necessary precautions have been taken, things are as easy as pie.’
    • ‘But some quite rightly pointed out that converting music to MP3 used to be a tortuous process whereas now it's easy as pie.’
    • ‘You can take someone out and they're nice as pie.’
    • ‘‘Easy as pie,’ she remarked, walking through the doors and towards the main area of the club.’
    • ‘So many other countries have a system in place already to make it easy as pie to recycle just about anything that can be recycled.’
    • ‘She was always shooting remarks and being blunt, but yet she was so sweet as pie.’
    • ‘One minute she could be sweet as pie, and the next she could be throwing dishes at me.’
    • ‘Rebooting a server is easy as pie, you power it down and then power it back up again, then reboot all the machines that were connected to it.’
    • ‘Armed with the necessary knowledge and just a few decisions to make, mounting your own stamps can be easy as pie.’