Definition of (all) of a piece in English:

(all) of a piece


  • (entirely) consistent:

    ‘the art and science of any culture are of a piece’
    • ‘It was of a piece with what he did earlier in the debate, where he came out against labels.’
    • ‘Actually, it's of a piece with how agriculture and the rural poor have been treated this past decade or so.’
    • ‘This might just be seen as a kind of inappropriate response disorder, of a piece with government policy in general.’
    • ‘The covers are of a piece with the whole issue, setting a low-key and intriguing tone.’
    • ‘It is a beautiful object, all of a piece and remarkably consistent.’
    • ‘The hyperbolic scheme seems to be of a piece with the bold strokes of the ancient epic.’
    • ‘This, again, would be of a piece with Hindu theology which says that every thing is Prakasha, or light.’
    • ‘The world has changed along with the rise of advertising, and it all seems of a piece.’
    • ‘His earlier intervention over Foundation Hospitals was of a piece.’
    • ‘But it's also clear that this kind of ethnography and nature worship is thoroughly of a piece with her earlier work.’
    similar, alike, indistinguishable, undistinguishable, identical, uniform, of the same kind, twin, interchangeable, undifferentiated, homogeneous, cut from the same cloth, consistent, unvarying
    corresponding, correspondent, commensurate, equivalent, matching, like, parallel, analogous, comparable, cognate, equal
    like peas in a pod, like two peas in a pod, much of a muchness
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