Definition of 'Merica in English:


(also 'Murica)


  • America (used especially to emphasize qualities regarded as stereotypically American, such as materialism or fervent patriotism)

    ‘over here in 'Merica we do what we want’
    ‘in 'Murica, convenience rules’
    • ‘Detroit is plagued by 'Murica ' thinking'.’
    • ‘Yes, we are gluttons - it's 'Merica dammit!’
    • ‘If you love 'Merica you should buy everything on credit card!’
    • ‘Surely there are no fascist nut-job media in 'Merica, are there?’
    • ‘'Merica, you got yourselves a cool president there.’
    • ‘So you're saying I should be suspicious of everything made in 'Murica?’
    • ‘What about the 'Murica tour he takes them on, showcasing various points of interest in our nation's capital?’
    • ‘It is sadly just the way it is in good ol 'Merica.’
    • ‘We have to drop the once a year 'Murica nationalism.’
    • ‘How much more dysfunctional and ineffective can 'Murica get?’


Early19th century: representing a regional or non-standard pronunciation of America.