Definition of ’re in English:



  • Are (usually after the pronouns you, we, and they)

    ‘we're a bit worried’
    • ‘We have worked hard and it was a sad loss but we 're going to keep the campaign going.’
    • ‘The place traps the sound and it can be raucously good when we 're on the front foot.’
    • ‘We 're saying that cinema can be an event, it can be a fun place where film is celebrated.’
    • ‘We all knew we could play like that and that's why we 're all annoyed that we didn't win.’
    • ‘We 're all so used to adapting that people found a way of making this thing work for them.’
    • ‘You can see why people who are not from the west look at us and think we 're decadent.’
    • ‘We 're just really pleased that they can be part of the community and have a part to play in it.’
    • ‘We 're very proud of the castle locally and we want it to look its best for visitors.’
    • ‘We 're not looking to push him too hard though he needs to start getting match fitness.’
    • ‘We 're the voice of a people caught between two great powers in the politics of our time.’
    • ‘The only problem is that we 're only listening to them while this crisis is in full flow.’
    • ‘You can read the story over in Empire to get all the facts, but we 're sure you can guess most of it.’
    • ‘The transition will be so costly that we 're going to need the oil giants to fund it.’
    • ‘We are not going to just roll over and say we 're not interested in tourism any more.’
    • ‘We 're going to let it stop trading at the end of the contract that are presently on the books.’
    • ‘There are quite a few of us, and we 're standing in rows like soldiers on a parade ground.’
    • ‘Now that the summer holidays are out of the way we 're going to try to get together for a drink in town.’
    • ‘We 're not going to make a living out of growing lettuce in the corner of the garden.’
    • ‘So rather than have no input we 're looking at all the problems which are going to arise.’
    • ‘We don't have a set list of companies and jobs, so we 're not trying to fit people into a box.’